<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Bibliography on Indian Architecture, J. ARCHITECTURE IN NORTHERN INDIA </TITLE> <META name="keywords" content="india, art, architecture, takeo, kamiya"> <META name="description" content="Bibliography on Indian Art and Architecture _ J. Architecture in Northern India"> <META name="robots" content="index, follow"> <META name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> <STYLE>P{line-height:160%;}</STYLE> </HEAD> <BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFE" text="#000000" link="#0000FF" vlink="#800080"><BR><P> <font face="Arial"> <CENTER><font color="#666666"><I><B>Bibliography on Indian Architecture</B></I></font> <TABLE><TD height=9></TD></TABLE> <TABLE border="4" bgcolor="#FBFEFB" bordercolor="#777777"> <TD width=60 align="center"><font size=6 face="Book antiqua"><B>J</B></font></TD><TD width=420 height=60 align="center"> <I><font size=5><B>ARCH. in NORTHERN INDIA</B></font> </TD></TABLE><P> <font face="Century gothic" color="#905000">Takeo Kamiya</font><P> <A href="xgoetz.htm"><IMG src="goet.jpg" border="1" alt="Hermann Goetz"></A> <BR> <font face="Century gothic" color="#707000" size=2>"The Early Wooden Temples of Chamba"</font></CENTER><P> <CENTER><A href="../bibl_eng.htm#contents"><font face="century gothic" size=2><B>BACK</A> &emsp; &emsp; &emsp; <A href="../k_east/eas_eng.htm">NEXT </B></A></font></CENTER> <CENTER><TABLE><TD bgcolor="#776699" width=580 height=12></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <CENTER><TABLE width=580><TD><P> <font face="Book antiqua"> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>INVENTORY OF MONUMENTS AND SITE OF NATIONAL IMPORTANCE</B> : Jagat Pati Joshi & Krishna Deva (eds.), Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi. vol. 1. part 1. Shrinagar Circle, 1998, 27.5cm-92pp. 2,500yen. part 2. Chandigarh Circle, 1999, 27.5cm-178pp. 1,300yen.<BR> e <font size=2>S@\n0{t Nk0B000000000 0WWT0h0k0}W001000T0h0k0 [b_n00000g0T000000n00000Y00 ,{ 1]o0S000n00000000WeK00 00000]~0g00 Qwo000000 </font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ARCHITECTURE IN THE HIMALAYAS</B> : William Simpson, 1883, reprint 1970, Susil Gupta, New York, antique 3,000yen. B5-60pp. <BR> e <font size=2>NK00 120t^N NMRk0fK00_00gRn00000^{n0f0 szV^{[TSOn0O1XK00n0000000 Wk0000000L0Ype [000f0D000</font><P> ->0<font size=2>Q-8.0VISIONS OF INDIA, The Sketchbooks of William Simpson : Mildred Archer, 1986 </font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ARCHITECTUREN IM HIMALAJA</B> : Manfred Gerner, 1987, Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, Stuttgart, A4-160pp. import 16,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000000000000000000000000000000n0^{0!k9}NW0030000n00WW%R^ir00000d0Q000 ,gere0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HIMALAYAN ARCHITECTURE</B>* : Ronald M. Bernier, 1997, Associated University Presses, London, A4-200pp. import 10,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000WeK00S00000~0g000000n0(g ^{0xvzW0f0M0_00000n0NNn0Ɩ'Yb0 Wk000Ypen0Qwh000000?ceQY000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE HIMALAYAS IN INDIAN ART</B> : E.B. Havell, 1924, John Murray, London, antique 7,350yen. A5-100pp. <BR> e <font size=2>000n0Sh0^{k0J0Q0000000n00d0͑j0asTk0d0D0f0n0[0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>0000n0Pb</B> ;NLun0VW 8.= : g[s0wҞm0kQ0ux^Ė0z]fk5, 1981, NJ>y, B4-150pp. 3,800yen. <BR> e 00000000000000n0NYePb0'Y$Rn0000Qwg09}NW0 ㉬0d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>0000[b0^{] : 'Y\-fKN 2005 qgNXQHr paperback 21cm-200pp. 2,600yen. <BR> e T0Wn00000^{n0j0Qwk0eL0?ceQW00]+gk0!|Toj0tkSh0^{vyr_n0֊0d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>INDO TIBETICA</B> : Giuseppe Tucci, 1935, Roma, English ed. 1988, Aditya Prakashan, New Dellhi, 4vols. (8books), antique 1set 28,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000n0eS0xvzW0_00000Nf[ 0000000000n0NhvW\OƖg000000K00000000000000Wek0K0Q0f0n0Pbn0g20</font> <UL><LI><B>vol. 1. : <font size=2>STUPA</B>, ART, ARCHITECTONICS AND SYMBOLISM, B5-260pp.</font> <LI><B>vol. 2. : <font size=2>RIN-CHEN-BZAN-PO</B>, AND THE RENAISSANCE OF BUDDHISM IN TIBET AROUND THE MILLENIUM, B5-130pp.</font> <LI><B>vol. 3. tome 1. : <font size=2>THE TEMPLES</B> OF WESTERN TIBET AND THEIR ARTISTIC SYMBOLISM, Spiti and Kunavar, Tabo, Lhalung, Chung, Nuko, B5-410pp.</font> <LI><B>vol. 3. tome 2. : <font size=2>THE TEMPLES</B> OF WESTERN TIBET AND THEIR ARTISTIC SYMBOLISM, Tsaparang, B5-410pp. </font> <LI><B>vol. 4. tome 1. : <font size=2>GYANTSE</B> AND ITS MONASTERIES, General Description, B5-330pp.</font> <LI><B>vol. 4. tome 2. : <font size=2>GYANTSE</B> AND ITS MONASTERIES, Inscriptions, B5-340pp.</font> <LI><B>vol. 4. tome 3. : <font size=2>GYANTSE</B> AND ITS MONASTERIES, Plates, B5-230pp.</font></UL><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>STUPA AND ITS TECHNOLOGY, A Tibeto-Buddhist Perspective</B> : Pema Dorjee, 1996, Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi, B5-190pp. import 2,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000h000000Wen000000n0Oq}0cBlY000 0000Qw 45I0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>0000n0eS</B> : R.A. 0000q\S^t0[e_f3, 1971, Q R 1983, \lf^, A5-380pp. 12,000yen. <BR> e 0000Wn0eShQSO09}NW0_0 TWg0B00L00^{k0d0D0f0o0YO000j0D00 SWn0QHro0 1962t^0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>0000NYeNLun0tkSvxvz</B> : woՈP[, 2001, qgef^, 21.5cm-380pp. 6,000yen. <BR> e 17- 18N}n00000000000n]n0OS000000NYe08hh0W0f0[W0_0f[S֊eƖ0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>0000e0L0VyV</B> 000e00SO : (gQgPO+Y3, 1986, -NlQe^ 1989, 460pp. 660yen. <BR> e 00000Weh000000Weo00000NYeWQg0B0000000s^Tތ0SތW0_0000e00o0 000000e00000]n000000000k0N}TW0f0D000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>0000</B> ;eLN0000000= ؚ(gT, 2000, eLN, 21cm-130pp. 1,000yen. <BR> e -NVn00000k0X[(WY00000n0 }vj00000000 J-23n0YY}0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>5wzz</B> : -NVV]#T'Yf[, 0000ꁻl:Seir{tYTO0<[,g[vO, 1997, Ɩ>y, 27cm-140pp. 4,200yen. <BR> e 1992t^k0zvU00_00000n0000h0000n0wz00X;u0-N_h0Y00 70000n0000Qwh00-NVJ00s0e,gn0Ypen0WF{n0㉬g09}NY000</font> <P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>VIEWS IN INDIA, CHIEFLY AMONG THE HIMALAYA MOUNTAINS</B> : George Francis White, Emma Roberts (ed.), 2vols, 1836 and 1837, Fisher, London, <BR> reprint ed. : <B>SIMLA AND MUSSOOREE HIMALAYA MOUNTAINS</B>, 2vols, 1991, Minerva Book House, Shimla, 28cm-94pp.+ 37plates+ map, 28cm-140pp.+ 30plates, antique 1set 1,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>19N}MRJSn00000T0Wn0u}0Hr;uk0W00]0n0}L0㉬h0W0f0d0Q000 00000n0 2Qk0o0puj0c0_0L TL0d0Q0000W0K00 2Qk0'YR TX0u}0S2W0j0L00%Rn0㉬0d0Q0f0D00n0g00Sfh0n0OL0 Nfg0B000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HISTORY OF THE PANJAB HILL STATES</B> : J. Hutchison and J.Ph. Vogel, 1933, Lahore, reprint 1999, Low Price Publications, Delhi, 22cm-760pp. import 4,300yen. <BR> e <font size=2>s(Wn0000000]0000000000000]000000000000]k0K0Q0f0X[(WW0_00000V[n0tkS0000000h000000L0R0f0SW0_0 70t^MRn0f0 00000Hrg0o0 2]0 1Qk0~0h0000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>INDIAN HIMALAYA</B> [A Travel Survival Kit] : Michelle Coxall and Paul Greenway, 1996, Lonely Planet, Australia, 18cm-460pp. import 4,000yen.<BR> e <font size=2> 00000c n0IQ00000000n00"INDIA" h0o0%Rk0}ƖW0_0 000000000c }0 }N-Nn00000000We0dD0f0sW0D0`1X0n W0f0D000</font><BR><BR> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#608797" width=580 height=45 align="center"><font face="Book Antiqua" color="#FFFFFF" size=4>LADAKH</font></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>LADAK, Phisical, Statistical &amp; Historical</B> : Alexander Cunningham, 1854, Simla, reprint 1970, Sagar Publications, New Delhi, B5-550pp. antique 9,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>Sf[n000000k0000NK00150t^N N0MRn0 00000Wen00HQƙvg0s0}j0g20 VHr 30I0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>0000</B> : 0000+YY0[c*Q3, 1984, *geg>y, B6-330pp. 1,900yen. <BR> e BfNn000000We000n0:uk0 12t^f0W0_0;S+^+YYL0 1926t^k0QHrW0_0 u;mh0[20</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>00000aK0W0D0*geg</B> : 0000000000000, 2003, q\h0n7>y, 21cm-260pp. 1,600yen. <BR> e 000000n0z4XK0000000Wek0J0Q00N0n0f0W0k0f[s00#umi>yOn0B00ek0Sw0[0~000 SLo0Ancient Future, Learning from Ladakh. </font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>,{ 1V0000gV1XJTf</B> : 1979, .zzfb'Yf[[Yef[O 000e0000xvzO, B5-110pp. <font size=2>^XT.</font> <BR> e 1978t^n0 6gK00 7gk0K0Q0f0L00_0017Nn0VTk00000000Wen0000n0g20</font> <P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>0000[Yen0xvz</B> 000000000n000YeeSk0d0D0f0 : .zzfb'Yf[[Yef[O000000000xvzO 1982 8l0ue fX 26cm-550pp. 18,0000yen. <BR> e 1978t^K00 3t^k00_0c0f0L00_000000Wen000000gn0}Tvj01XJT0 ~0`000Yeh0D0F0IL0(uD000f0D00L000000k0J0Q000000NYeeSxvzn0W,ge.sg0B000 gVTk0^{O0+T~0j0K0c0_0n0g00000n0^{gL0D0n0L0`W0~0000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>0000k0J0Q000000NYen0U\</B> : w]ck, 1993, 'YqgQHr>y, A5-290pp. 8,500yen. <BR> e 00000Wek0J0Q00NYen0tkS0f0D0m0D0k0֊X0j0L00 0000NYen0Q[000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>00000 0000 n0>yO0L}n0irꌇeS</B> : 00000000000000w0uOw0N䅃^_3, 1997, eSfb, B6-210pp. 2,000yen. <BR> e 0000n0WSg0B00000000Wen0000Qgk0J0Q00 eSN^f[vgn020 u;m(uwQj0i0n0YO0n0VHr0 [000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ANTIQUITIES OF INDIAN TIBET, Part 1. Personal Narrative</B> ;New Imperial Series 38.= : A. H. Francke, 1914, Archaeological Survey of India, Government of India, Culcutta, 33cm-250pp. antique 7,500yen. a folding map. <BR> e <font size=2>1909t^k0 J. 00000n00000g00A.H. 0000L0 40gk00_0c0f0000K00000000000L}1uW0f000000We0~00000000000k00Vj0geL0W0_0h0M0n020 S_Bfn0͑j0QwL0 45000?ceQU00f0D00L0 Vbo0j0D00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ANTIQUITIES OF INDIAN TIBET, Part 2. The Chronicles of Ladakh and Minor Chronicles</B> [New Imperial Series 50.] : A. H. Francke, 1926, Reprint 1994, Archaeological Survey of India, Government of India, New Delhi28cm-330pp. 900yen. <BR> e <font size=2> Ncfn0}}o0&bN]0n0Ng0-NeW0012t^_k0QHrU00_00 N]h0a0L0c0f00Wg0o0j0O000000WT0Wn0tkS0SW000000n0e.s0S2Y000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE CULTURAL HERITAGE OF LADAKH, volume 1. Central Ladakh</B> : David L. Snell-grove & Tadeusz Skorupski, 1977, Aris & Phillips, England, 30cm-160pp. 3,600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000e0000n0_P[n00000000k0000000Sn0xvzf0yrk00000000L0sW0O0gU00_00 1980t^n0vol. 2g0o00000000Wen0Pbh000000n0wz[b0gW0f0D000 0000+T0QwYpe0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>BUDDHIST MONASTERIES IN THE WESTERN HIMALAYA</B>* [Bibliotheca Himalayica, ser. 3, vol. 13.] : Romi Khosla, 1979, Patna Pustak Bhandar, Kathmandu, B5-260pp. 1,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>^{[ 00e000k0000000000000000000000000Wen0NYePb^{0J00s0l[n0gh0xvzn0R\O0 ,ge-Nn0[,nVh0 110000n00000QwL0d0O00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>SANCTUAIRES BOUDDHIQUES DU LADAKH</B> : Genevieve Tchekhoff et Yvan Comolli, 1984, White Orchid Press, Bangkok, 21 x 19cm-130pp. 1,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000Wen0 400@bn0NYePb0K00qgx0h0!kW00000Qwh0;Nj0XQs^bV0d0Q0_0 O)Rj0HhQf01987t^k0 TX0QHr>yK00񂞊Hr0QHrU00f0D000 VYg0 $45. </font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>0000</B> ;eLN0000000= ؚ(gT, 2001, eLN, 21cm-175pp. 1,500yen. <BR> e 00000000000Wek0X[(WY000000}W0_0 _^vj0ge0000000 0WVJ00s0;Nj0Xn0 \PMn0000Ype6R\OW0f0B0c0f00sW0O0eY00k0_:d0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000</B> NYeg_n0[OOn0̑ : Qwm, 1980, 0Z0F00f?b, B6 Y-270pp. 1,200yen. <BR> e 00000Wen0}L0HhQf0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>0000[Yen0e</B> : POeP, 1988, |ObQHr>y, A5-170pp. 1,600yen. <BR> e 00000000000Wen0irn0QwƖk0㉬0d0Q000 Qwo0nĖN0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>0000f@</B> : \[fkNQwƖ, 1987, \lf^, 30 x 32cm-220pp. 18,000yen. <BR> e 000Pbn0X;u0-N_k0W0_0'YWn00000QwƖk0 wҞm0<[,g[L0㉬0d0Q000</font> <BR><BR> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#608797" width=580 height=45 align="center"><font face="Book Antiqua" color="#FFFFFF" size=4>KASHMIR</font></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>00000n0tkSh0eS</B>* : 򝋉qg, 1970, 0000>y, A5-530pp. antique 5,000yen. <BR> e SNK00sNk00000000n0tkS00d0e000000000sgn0tkS0cD0_012N}n0 0000000e.s 000000000000 n030N2k0d0Q000 00SD0L00000000w0Tfh0W0f0o0_0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE HAPPY VALLEY, Sketches of Kashmir and the Kashmiris</B> : W. Wakefield, 1879, London, reprint 1995, Asian Educational Services, New Delhi, A5-330pp. antique 1,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>NK00 100t^N NMRn00000000Wen0[20 S_Bfn00000 8gh0b000WVd0M00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE CHARM OF KASHMIR</B> : V.C. Scott O'Connor, 1920, Longmans, London, A4-250pp. antique 4,100yen. <BR> e <font size=2>MRJSg0000000v0Wn0eS00_JSg0q\\0W/^n06q00ivk09}NY00000000یLk0 24In0Qwn0{0K0 16In0000n0u}L00NQ0f0B000e,g;un0q_0SQ0_000000000000000h0000000000n0u}L0W0D00</font><BR><BR> <CENTER> <A href="xkashm.htm"><IMG src="kash.jpg" border="1" alt="The Charm of Kashmir"></A></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>KASHMIR AND ITS MONUMENTAL GLORY</B>* : R.C. Agrawal, 1998, Aryan Books International, New Delhi, A4-270pp. 4,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000000Wen0Sf[h0^{n0xvz0 whVBfNn0QWT0]wi L0sW0O0qb000L0 -NNn0^{n0Vb0YO0c U00f0D000 0000Qw 400000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ANCIENT MONUMENTS OF KASHMIR</B> : Ram Chandra Kak, 1933, The India Society, London, B5-270pp. antique 3,400yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000L0rzY00MRk0000000Nk00c0f0fK0000000n0000TSOg0QHrU00_0 0000000Wen0^{n0if0 0000Qw 62000h0 Vb 150000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>KASHMIR, Hindu, Buddhist &amp; Muslim Architecture</B> : Manohar Kaul, 1971, Sagar Publications, New Delhi, B5-140pp. antique 900yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000000Wen0SNK00-NNn0^{n0HhQf0 0000+T0Qw 60g0MY000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ART AND ARCHITECTURE OF ANCIENT KASHMIR</B> : Pratapaditya Pal (ed.), 1989, Marg Publications, Bombay, 33cm-140pp. import 8,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000NMRn00000000Wen0Sh0^{0 5Nn0f[L0RbWF{Y000 J[j0VHr0D00_0 0000S0000n0 1Q0</font><P> ->0<font size=2>A-51.0ANNUAL REPORT OF THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA, 1915- 16 : Archaeological Survey of India, Calcutta.0000000k0J0Q000000NMRn0^{0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>PANDRETHAN, AVANTIPUR &amp; MARTAND</B>* : Debala Mitra, 1977, 21.5cm-150pp. 18Rs. <BR> e <font size=2>000000v0Wk0k0 3d0n0-NN[bn0HhQf0 S@\k000\QP[0000n0 1Q0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>FORTS AND PALACES OF THE WESTERN HIMALAYA</B> : Ashok Jerath, 2000, Indus Publishing Company, New Delhi, 22cm-170pp. 1,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000-N_h0Y00qg0000n0W&xh0[k0gSƖW0_0f0 0WVL0d0D0f0D0j0D0n0o0 ~0S0h0k0 NO0</font><BR><BR> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#608797" width=580 height=45 align="center"><font face="Book Antiqua" color="#FFFFFF" size=4>HIMACHAL PRADESH</font></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HIMACHAL PRADESH, The land and People</B> : S.S. Negi, 1993, Indus Publishing, New Delhi, 22cm-210pp. 750yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000e00000]n0 0Wh0eS0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HIMACHAL PRADESH</B>* [People of India, vol. XXIV.] : K.S. Singh, B.R. Sharma, A.R. Sankhyan (eds.), 1996, Anthropological Survey of India, Manohar, 23cm-740pp. 1,700yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000N^f[g@\k000 ]T0h0n0gn01Qg00000000000000]n0e0>yOƖV0s0}k0g1XJTY000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE HIMALAYAN DISTRICTS OF KOOLOO, LAHOUL AND SPITI</B> : A.F.P. Harcourt, 1871, 380pp. W.H. Allen & Co., London, reprint 1972, Vivek Publishing House, Delhi, 25cm-120pp. antique 2,600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000L0qg0000000Wen0eSh0tkSk0d0D0f0xvzW0_00HQƙvk0W0f0 O$PB001XJTf0 _;RHro0Rvg0B00 VHro0j0D00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HIMACHAL ART & ARCHAEOLOGY, Some Aspects</B> : Vishwa Chander Ohri (ed.), 1980, State Museum Simla, Department of Language and Culture, Himachal Pradesh, soft 24cm-90pp. 1,100yen. <BR> e <font size=2>1975t^k0000n0]zZSir(g0L00_00000 0000000n0Sh0S 0 k0cQU00_0֊e 9}0</font> <P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ART AND ARCHITECTURE OF HIMACHAL PRADESH</B>* : Mian Goverdhan Singh, 1983, B.R. Publishing Corp., Delhi, 25cm-420pp. antique 8,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000e00000]n0^{h0Sn0 }Tvj0xvzf0 W@weS0000e0000eS0000e0000eSn0 Nd0k0RQ0f0SY000 0000Qw 130000{0K0 J[j0nje0d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>FESTIVALS, FAIRS AND CUSTOMS OF HIMACHAL PRADESH</B>* : Mian Goverdhan Singh, 1992, Indus Publishing Company, New Delhi, 25cm-150pp. 1,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2> Ncfn000000000000000k0000000000000000]n0my00xvzW0_0if0 0000Qw 320000d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>WOODEN TEMPLES OF HIMACHAL PRADESH</B> : Mian Goverdhan Singh, 1999, Indus Publishing Company, 22cm-170pp. 1,760yen. <BR> e <font size=2>M.G. 000L0000000000000]n0Nhvj0(g [b0 28xs00Kbn0oD0㉬0d0Q000 000Qw160000 eWh0a0L0c0f00O.C. 000n0q_L0UW0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>RURAL ART OF THE WESTERN HIMALAYA</B> : K.C. Aryan and Subhashini Aryan, 1985, Rekha Prakashan, New Delhi, 25 x 25cm-100pp. 1,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000e00000]n0Se]n09}Nf0 VHr 480000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ANTIQUITIES OF HIMACHAL</B> [Project for Indian Cultural Studies 1.] : M. Postel, A. Neven and K. Mankodi, 1985, Franco-Indian Pharmaceuticals, Bombay, 29cm-330pp. 6,000yen. import 24,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>k_;R0]0;Nh0W0_0 000000e00000]n0Oq}Sn0xvz09}Nf0 000Qw0YpeD00_0j0,g0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>TRAVELS IN THE WESTERN HIMALAYAS, in Search of Paintings</B> : M.S. Randhawa, 1974, Thomason Press, Delhi, B5-300pp. antique 3,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>M.S. 0000L00}[;u0Bl0f0 000000e00000]T0W0eW0_0}Le0 0000Qw 480000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HIMALAYAN TOWERS, Temples and Palaces of Himachal Pradesh</B>* : Ronald M.Bernier, 1989, S. 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Brill, Leiden, 27cm-160pp. antique 22,000yen. <A href="xgoetz.htm">(sample page)</A><BR> e <font size=2>00000n0B0h00SQ0_0000k00000000sVn0 3d0n0(g [b 0000000 0000000 00000 n0xvz0 0000Qw 160000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>GADDI LAND IN CHAMBA</B>, Its Histor;y, Art & Culture, New Light on the Early Wooden Temples : O.C. 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Buck, 1904, Culcutta, reprint 1979, Sumit Publications, Delhi, 25cm-310pp. antique 4,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>BfNn0Yn0h0j0c0_0000n0:un0 100t^MRn020</font><BR> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>SIMLA PAST AND PRESENT</B> : Edward J. Buck, 2nd ed. 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Mapin Publishing, paper 21.5 x 21.5cm-460pp. 3,300yen.<BR> e <font size=2>1999t^k0NLu-NK00^{[0^;u[0f[0bD0f000000000g0PU00_0VOp  CELEBRATING CHANDIGARH - 50 YEARS OF THE IDEA n02h0}bn0f0</font><BR><BR> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#608797" width=580 height=45 align="center"><font face="Book Antiqua" color="#FFFFFF" size=4>DELHI</font></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HISTORIC DELHI, An Anthology</B> : H.K. Kaul (ed.), 1985, Oxford University Press, pa-perback ed. 1986, New Delhi, 21.5cm-490pp. import 2,300yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000k0d0D0f0񂞊g0fK00_0 B00D0o03U00_0 pe~vn0firK00n0b|0v%Rk0tetW0_0O)Rj0,g0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>DELHI PAST AND PRESENT</B> : H.C. Fanshawe, 1902, John Murray, London, 23cm-420pp. antique 6,900yen. <BR> e <font size=2>BfNn0gRgn0000HhQ0 Qw00WV0T~0~0\0j0L00 000n0tkSh0^ir00L00yrk0 1857t^n0'YSqNBfn0;e2n0ፒ0s0}k0qbD00]0n00WVh0 1903t^n000000 7Nn04bQ_!k,{h00c000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE SEVEN CITIES OF DELHI</B> : Gordon Risley Hearn, 1906, W. Thacker, London, 19cm-400pp. antique 7,500yen<BR> e <font size=2>s(Wn0000000L0;uU00000NMR00000Negn0Nd0n0L0͑j0c0_0000n0:un0tkSh0 ^{z#u0f0D0m0D0k09}NW0f0D000 b000WV 5Ih0Qw 24g0NQ000</font><BR><BR> <CENTER> <A href="xdelhi.htm"><IMG src="delh.jpg" border="1" alt="The Seven Cities of Delhi"></A></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE DELHI OMNIBUS</B> : 2002, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 22cm-1000pp. 2,400yen<BR> e <font size=2>000n0tkSk0d0D0f0fK00_04Qn0fir0_;RW0f0RSD01Qk0~0h00_00 Percival Spear : DELHI, A HISTORICAL SKETCH, Percival Spear : TWILIGHT OF THE MUGHULS, Studies in Late Mughul Delhi, Narayani Gupta : DELIHI BETWEEN TWO EMPIRES (1803-1931), Society, Government and Urban Growth, R.E. Frykenberg (ed.) : DELHI THROUGH THE AGE, Selected Essays in Urban History, Culture and Society. gRn00n0o0kvwO00g_n00n0o0 19Nn0֊e0Ɩ0_00n00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>DELHI AND ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD</B> : Y.D. 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LXIX No. 410, London, reprint 1997, Asian Educational Services, New Delhi, 45cm-60pp. 2,100yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000n0^-L0[NY00 1931t^ 2gk0T0[0f00^{іn0 0000000000e00000 L0 1gSg0en0yrƖ0W00R. 0000L0s0}j000000W0_00 0000Qwh0VbYpe0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>INDIAN SUMMER, Lutyens, Baker and Imperial Delhi</B>* : Robert Grant Irving, 1981, paperback ed. 1982, Yale University Press, 26cm-410pp. antique 5,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>BfNk0000000n0^;uh0;Nj0^ir0-W0_0N^{[00000 J00s0 0000n0impj0xvzf0 0000+T0VHrYpe0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>IMPERIAL DELHI</B>, Andreas Volwahsen, 2002, Prestel, Minich, Berlin, London, New York, 30cm-300pp. import 7,600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>K0d0f0 "LIVING ARCHITECTURE" 0000n0000}0WF{W0_0 0000000L00000000n0-h0^-n0L}N0s0}k02W0_0j,g0 000Qwh0Vb000000YpeS2Y000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>LUTYENS, The Work of the English Architect Sir Edwin Lutyens (1869- 1944)</B> : Hayward Gallery, London, Arts Council of Great Britain, soft 25cm-200pp. import 4,700yen. <BR> e <font size=2>яt^QUOU00f0D00^{[00000n001981t^K00 82t^k0K0Q0f00000g0PU00_0VgU\n0V20 000000x0n0SK{0_0i00S0h0L0g0M000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>EDWIN LUTYENS</B> [Architectural Monographs 6.] : David Dunster (ed.), Peter Inskip, 1979, Academy Editions, London, 30cm-110pp. antique 8,600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000L0-W0_0000000000n0 [^n0oD0\OTƖ`0L00000n0NNo0qb00f0D0j0D00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE LETTERS OF EDWIN LUTYENS TO HIS WIFE, LADY EMILY</B> : Clayre Percy and Jane Ridley (eds.), 1985, paperback 1988, A Hamish Hamilton Paperback, London, 20cm-460pp. antique 2,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000L0Yn00000k0[f0f0fD0_0f!|Ɩ0 000000n0--Nk0000K00fD0_00n00YpeB000W0p0W0p00000L0mH000f0D000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>DAWNING PLACE OF THE REMEMBRANCE OF GOD, The Baha'i House of Worship of the Indian Sub-continent</B>, New Delhi : 1987(?), Baha'i Publishing Trust, 27.5cm-50pp. 450yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000ʐYk0^d0000Yen0<P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000</B> ;NLun0'Y^ 9.= : mNa7u, 1987, Ye>y, A5-90pp. 1,540yen. <BR> e hQ000k0000Qw0MW0_0 00000j0000HhQ0</font><BR><BR> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#608797" width=580 height=45 align="center"><font face="Book Antiqua" color="#FFFFFF" size=4>UTTAR PRADESH</font></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ART & ARCHITECTURE OF UTTARANCHAL</B> : O.C. Handa and Madhu Jain, 2003, Bhavana Books & Prints, New Delhi, 25cm-340pp. 4,900yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000000000]K00rzW0f0e]h0j0c0_0 00000000]n0Oq}^{h0u};u00000000000000]n0^{0xvzW0f0M0_0 000L0gW0QHrW0_00 000Qw 760000NY0L00000000000000]{0i0n0z#ug0o0j0D00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE JAIN STUPA AND OTHER ANTIQUITIES OF MATHURA</B> [Archaeological Survey of India, New Imperial Series 20.] : Vincent A. 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Das, 1990, Sundeep Prakashan, Delhi, 25cm-310pp. 1,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>SO0K0000000ONn0V0Wg0B0c0_000000000n0[bn0~wh0tkS0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>GOVINDADEVA, A Dialogue in Stone</B> : Margaret H. Case (ed.), 1996, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi, 31.5cm-330pp. 6,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000000n00000000000[bn0^{0tkS0myQn0xvz0 1991t^k0PU00_0xvzOg0n0 12Nn0f[n0֊Ɩg00YO0n00000Qwh0ckxj0Vb0 [000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>A HANDBOOK TO AGRA AND THE TAJ</B> : E.B. Havell, 1904, Longmans, London, B6-170pp. antique 950yen. <BR> e <font size=2>SS[n00000k000020N}R-n00000h0 00000e00000n0HhQf0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>URBAN GLIMPSES OF MUGHAL INDIA, Agra, The Imperial Capital</B>* : I.P. Gupta, 1986, Discovery, Delhi, A5-180pp. antique 5,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000gn0^n0Nhh0W0f000000h00B0R00]0n0tkS0L}n0L?e0>yOi 0xvzW0_0f0 b000WV 2I0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000e000ir</B> : !n^+Y, 1988, gee^>ye gexf, B6-290pp. 1,100yen. <BR> e 0000Negn0000gn0tkSn0-Nk0 000e000^-n01ueg0T~0S00`00ir0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ROMANCE OF THE TAJ MAHAL</B>* : P. Pal, J. Leoshko, J.M. Dye and S. Markel, 1989, Thames and Hudson, London, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 25.5 x 22cm-260pp. 3,200yen, import 8,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000e000k0~0d000u};u0k_;R0Qw0]T0Ɩ0_0'YM0j0U\O00h0k0W0f0\O00_0j0,g0 V20|Qm000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE COMPLETE TAJ MAHAL, and the Riverfront Gardens of Agra</B> : Ebba Koch, 2006, Thames & Hudson, London, 29cm-290pp. 7,100yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000^{S0xvzW0f0M0_00000000L000000000n0tkSK00^{vSt~0g0n0Y0y0f00sW0_0 0zl[Hr 00 yrk0 0^W^ 0 0000n0^Wh0n0#k0J0D0f0MOne0Q00hT^ir~0g00s0}k0֊X000 S_R0S00N Nn0,go0QHrU00j0D0`00F00 J[j0000Qwp0K00g0j0O00e_0k0\OVU00_000000000000000k000[,nV00T0h00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>TAJ MAHAL, The Illumined Tomb</B>* : W.E. Begley and Z.A. 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Smith, 1909, Reprint 1994, Archaeological Sruvey of India, New Delhi, 28cm-120pp. 1,300 yen. <BR> e <font size=2>S@\k00000000n00000^n0[,ng1XJTf0 64In0[,nVL0͑g00w0000n0aL]Vo0000g0 [000 E07e000L0}Ɩ!kg0lW0_0n0g0W.H. Nicholls L0_M0}D0g0[bU0[0_00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>FATEHPUR SIKRI</B> : Saiyid Athar Abbas Rizvi, 2nd ed. 1992, 21.5cm-110pp. 15Rs. <BR> e <font size=2>00000e00000n0!|Toj0HhQf0 S@\k000\QP[0000n0 1Q0 0WVd0M00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>FATEHPUR SIKRI</B> [Opus 5.] : Attilio Petruccioli et al., 1992, Ernst &amp; Sohn, 31 x 29cm-60pp. import 6,600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000e00000n0'YWn0W0D0QwƖ0 000e000n0Qwk0Vb0mH0f00]0n0^{k0d0D0f0֊X000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE MOGHUL ARCHITECTURE OF FATHPUR-SIKRI</B> : Edmund W. Smith, 1894, reprint 1985, Caxton Publications, Delhi, 4vols. each A4-220- 270pp. 1set 2,000Rs. <BR> e <font size=2>T]} 100gk0J00v000000e00000n0[,nVƖ. T^irk0d0D0f0n0000Sg@\n0㉬0mH00. 00000o0.~\Hrj0n0g0 0}K0D0VbL000d0v00N00g0B00n0L0k_0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>FATEHPUR-SIKRI</B> : Michael Brand and Glenn D. Lowry (eds.), 1987, Marg Publications, Bombay, 33cm-200pp. 1,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000e00000k0Y00V000000L0 1985t^k000000'Yf[g0PU00_00 ]0n0BfcQU00_0 11}n0֊ek0J[j0VHr0mH0f0 0000S0000n0 1Qh0W0_00n00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>EXCAVATIONS AT FATEHPUR SIKRI</B>* : R.C. Gaur, 2000, Aryan Books International, New Delhi, 28cm-200pp. import 7,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000000000n0^n0w00V00kYO萒0f0K0k0Y00_00k00?e^k00c0f0L00_0Sf[vzvcn01XJTf0 ?cVn0{0K0k0b[,nV 5I00000Qw 600000MY000</font><P> ->0<font size=2>C-46.0^b_Kan0xvz : 1971, \QHrO</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE SHARQI ARCHITECTURE OF JAUNPUR</B>, with Notes on Zafarabad, Sahet-Mahet and Other Places in the North-Western Provinces and Oudh [New Imperial Series 11.] : A. Fhrer & W. Smith, 1889, Archaeological Survey of India, Calcutta, 32cm-240pp. antique 4,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000n0^{z#uk0d0D0f0n0s0}j0g1XJTfg00;Nj0000k0d0D0f0n0'Yϑn0[,nV0S2W0f0͑g0B000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>LUCKNOW, City of Illusion</B> : Rosie Llewelly-Jones (ed.), 2006, Prestel, Munich, London, 28cm-295pp. 6,600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>1857t^n0000'YSqNn0o&b0W0000酋sVn000000n0^{z#u00]00NMRn0Qwg0QsY00j,g0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE ARCHITECTURE OF IMAMBARAS</B> : Neeta Das, 1991, Lucknow Mahotsav Patrika Samiti, Lucknow, A4-130pp. 1,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>YO0n00000e000 000>mn0kYe^ 0R0h0Y0000000n0:uk0k0^{z#un09}N0xvzf0 J[j0Qwh0Vb0(uD0_00sYAm^{[k000R\O0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE TEMPLE OF BHITARGAON</B>* : Mohammad Zaheer, 1981, Agam Kala Prakashan, Delhi, A4-230pp. 2,600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000000k0k0 gRgn0000 n00000[bn0s0}j0g1XJTf0 000k0J0Q00d<P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>BHITARGAON</B> : M.R. Anand and R. Nath, 1969, Marg vol. 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