<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Bibliography on Indian Architecture, I. COLONIAL AND MODERN ARCHITECTURE </TITLE> <META name="keywords" content="india, art, architecture, colonial, modern, takeo, kamiya"> <META name="description" content="Bibliography on Indian Art and Architecture _ I. Colonial and Modern Architecture"> <META name="robots" content="index, follow"> <META name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> <STYLE>P{line-height:160%;}</STYLE> </HEAD> <BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFE" text="#000000" link="#0000FF" vlink="#800080"><BR><P> <font face="Arial"> <CENTER><font color="#666666"><I><B>Bibliography on Indian Architecture</B></I></font> <TABLE><TD height=9></TD></TABLE> <TABLE border="4" bgcolor="#FBFEFB" bordercolor="#777777"> <TD width=60 align="center"><font size=6 face="Book antiqua"><B>I</B></font></TD><TD width=430 height=60 align="center"> <I><font size=5><B>COLONIAL & MODERN ARCH.</B></font> </TD></TABLE><P> <font face="Century gothic" color="#905000">Takeo Kamiya</font><P> <A href="xcurzon.htm"><IMG src="curzo.jpg" border="1" alt="G.N. Curzon"></A> <BR> <font face="Century gothic" color="#707000" size=2>"British Government in India"</font></CENTER><P> <CENTER><A href="../bibl_eng.htm#contents"><font face="century gothic" size=2><B>BACK</A> &emsp; &emsp; &emsp; <A href="../j_north/nor_eng.htm">NEXT </B></A></font></CENTER> <CENTER><TABLE><TD bgcolor="#776699" width=580 height=12></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <CENTER><TABLE width=580><TD><P> <font face="Book antiqua"> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000S</B> ;NLuTVS 10.= : q\,gTΐ}, 1960, q\]QHr>y, B6-600pp. 3rd ed. 2,600yen. <BR> e 00000OeQN_n0яNk0͑p0J0D0_0000S0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>0000qg000O>y</B> : 00000e000000\m,gck+Y3, 1989, 000000, B6-450pp. 2,200yen. <BR> e 0000000k000sTmD00irh0W0f0n0 qg000O>yS0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>'Y^V000}cwRO</B> 0000o0D0K0k00000q}lW0_0K0 : \m&nTĖ, 1999, -N.YlQ֊e>y, B6-240pp. 2,200yen<BR> e qg000O>yBfNK00 0000vcq}lBfNn0 il0W000k0J0Q00 tkN}cwhQTn0!|Toj0O0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>REMINISCENCES, the French in India</B>* : Jean-Marie Lafont et alt., 1997, The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, New Delhi, 21x 28cm-140pp. 4,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>18N}k0J0Q000000n0 il0W0W0f00000eSx0n00000n0q_0^0^{0͎Nbk000 J[j0000Qwh0Vb0S0_0njeƖ0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>CHITRA, Cities and Monuments of 18th Century India from French Archives</B>* : Jean-Marie Lafont, 2001, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, softcover 21.5x 27cm-170pp. 2,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>MRcfn0}}g000000n0Sef(]0n0Nn0@b gk0j00 18N}000n0^0^{n0u}0Vb0000g0 50pS2Y000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>YANKEE INDIA, American Commercial and Cultural Encounters with India in the Age of Sail</B> 1784-1860 : Susan S. Bean, 2001, Peabody Essex Museum, USA, Mapin Publishing, Chidambaram, Ahmedabad, 29cm-290pp. 5,400yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000n0rzNeg, 000h0n0s^Tvj0f;mR0X0f0__0pueSNAmn0tkS0cO00 000VHrYpe0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>'Y^Vh0000</B> : h7 }EN, 1981, ,{ Nef>y, A5-320pp. <BR> e 000h0WS0000k0J0Q000000n0 il0Wq}l00e^n0֊;mR0X0f00f[Sf0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000h00000</B> : T\-ff_, 1975, \lef, 230pp. 550yen. <BR> e 0000 il0Wh0W0_0'Y^VL0 D0K0k0]Yk0000n0[08TD0 NR0_0K00f0K0k0Y000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>0000/eMh0000>yO</B> 19N}MRJSS000Sn0Nxvz : ~gN, 1987'Yf[QHrO, 26.5cm-420pp. 18,000yen. <BR> e 000k0cY000000 wk0J0Q00 1830t^Nn0efSek0We0D0f000000n0 il0W/eM[Ka0f0K0k0W0_0f[Sxvzf0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000'YSqN NkQNNt^</B> : w]fP[, 1981, -NlQef, 230pp. 480yen. <BR> e 000n0SqNh00|Tp0000 Vq}lk0[Y00000PuQ 00000 k000 000000SY000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>0000/eMh000000000</B> : [S+Y, 1998, beX, 21.5cm-280pp. 5,700yen. <BR> e 1860t^NK0070t^Nn00000 il0W/eMn0 Y[h00]00k0[Y0000000000n0[_0s0}k0[W0_0f[S֊eƖ0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>V3}Xn0 il0Wq}l</B> 000ؚI{e[x0n0S : \m&nTĖ, 1991,-NlQef, 600yen. <BR> e 0000o00000q}lY00_00k0YO0n0NPg0f0 0QW0_00 ]0n0000ؚI{e[ ICS n000000f0K0k0Y000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000 il0W[P</B> 'Y^Vn00000_0a0 : ,g0ukf_, 2001, NJ>yxf000, 215pp. 1,500yen. 00 000ؚI{e[n06R^n0tkSh0]0n0u;mS0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>BRITISH GOVERNMENT IN INDIA, the Story of the Viceroys and Government Houses</B> : George Nathaniel Curzon, 1925, 2vols, Cassell and Company, London, 27cm-370pp.+ 350pp. antique 1set 5,500yen. <A href="xcurzon.htm">(sample page)</A><BR> e <font size=2>000}cwn00000Sn0V`20 tkNn0000}cwk0d0D0f00n0L0;N`0L0000000n0}cw[]0n0Nn0^ir0 ꁫL0c2W0_0000000_Xn0^-N z0s0}k02W0f0D0f0000000^{k0Y00N}n0njek0j0c0f0D000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE INDIA OFFICE 1858-1869</B>* : Donovan Williams, 1983, Vishveshvaranand Vedic Re-serch Institute, Hoshiarpur, 25cm-630pp. antique 3,150yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000?e^L00000vcq}lW0Y00 1858t^k0-zU00_00000wn0Rgn0?eV{n0s0}j0xvz0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE EMPIRE OF THE NABOBS, A Short History of British India</B> : Lester Hutchinson, 1937, George Allen and Unwin, London, 19cm-280pp. 750yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000g0[0j0W0_0VN00000h0|Tv0L000000n0Vh0W0f0n0'Y^Vn0h0l=0cO00</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>eW0D0000яNS</B>  NK00n0tkSn0f0 : 0000e000000w]fP[, 0uŖKN, -N̑bz, |K\)R_l3, 1993, xeQHr, 2vols, A5-350pp, 320pp. each 4,800yen. <BR> e 000'Yf[n0Yeck00c0f0 000Nn0pg0fK00_0яNS0 SLo0 "MODERN INDIA 1885- 1947"g0 1982t^k0 RLU00_00</font><BR><BR> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#608797" width=580 height=45 align="center"><font face="Book Antiqua" color="#FFFFFF" size=4>COLONIAL ART & ARCHITECTURE</font></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B> iH0d0Q000_0^</B> V il^n0b_b : 000000000^ΑOS0[ckĖv3 000^^{xvzO3 2001 N'Yf[f[SQHrO 22cm-400pp. 5,200yen. <BR> e 'Y^VL0 il0Wh0W0_000000+T0,{ NNLuk0J0Q00^b_bn0tkS0[<P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ARCHITECTURE OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE</B> : Jan Morris et al., 1986, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 26 x 26cm-224pp. antique 7,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>ROBERT FERMOR-HESKETH n0Qwk00c0f00000n0 il0W`0c0_0Vn000000^{0 6Nn0WF{n0֊k0_c0f0MRW0_00000000n0f0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>EMPIRE BUILDING, Orientalism & Victorian Architecture</B>* : Mark Crinson, 1996 B5-300pp. Paper Back, import 3,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>-Nqgk0J0Q00 'Y^Vn000000^{h000000000n0vKQ0 ,{ 1 e.s 0,{ 2 [\O k0J0D0f0cBlY000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>MONUMENTS OF THE RAJ, British Buildings in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka & Myanmar</B> : P.N. Chopra and Prabha Chopra, 1999, Aryan Books International, New Delhi, 29cm-130pp. 3,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>WS000k0J0Q00'Y^Vn000000^{z#u0^ir.z%Rk0Nh\O09}NY000 Qwo0{0h00i0L000000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ARCHITECTURE AND INDEPENDENCE, The Search for Identity - India 1880 to 1980</B>* : Jon Lang, Madhavi Desai and Miki Desai, 1997, Oxford University Press, Delhi, A4-370pp. 4,700yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000VlOp>mn0uMRYK00 rz0x0f0sNk00~0g0n0000^{n0 Yw0_0i000яN;Nh0le;N0V'`h00WW'`h0n0[䅒0W0f0 ^{L0o000000000j0asT'`0c0impj0f0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ART AND NATIONALISM IN COLONIAL INDIA 1850- 1922, Occidental Orientations</B> : Partha Mitter, 1994, Cambridge University Press, B5-510pp. import 16,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>BfNn0000u};uk0J0Q00 00000n0q_h0000n00000000n0vKQ0cO0'Yn0f0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>BAROQUE INDIA, The Neo-Roman Religious Architecture of South Asia</B>, a Global Stylistic Survey : Jose Pereira, 2000, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi, 27cm-530pp. 8,750yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000k0J0Q000000i_n000000^{k0d0D0f0 tkSh000000Ɩ'YbW0_0impj0f0 YO0n0};un0?cVh0} 100000n00000Qw0NY00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE ASIATIC SOCIETY OF BENGAL AND THE DISCOVERY OF INDIA'S PAST</B>* 1784 - 1838 : O.P. Kejariwal, 1988, paperback ed. 1999, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 21.5cm-295pp. import 2,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000000000k00000000000TSOn0-zNeg0]0n0} 0000xvz0 n0֊ek00c0f0Rgn0000xvzS0_0i000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>COMPANY PAINTINGS, Indian Paintings of the British Period</B>* : Mildred Archer, 1992, Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Mapin Publishing, Ahmedabad, A4-240pp. 4,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>BfNk0qg000O>yk00h000_0000N;u[_0a0n0u}0 00000u};uh0|Tv00 ]0n0g'Yn0000000n0 000000n000000 ^{n0i_rVb0+T00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE ORIENTALISTS, Western Artists in Arabia, the Sahara, Persia & India</B> : Kristian Da-vies, 2005, Laynfaroh, New York, 31cm-304pp. 6,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>19N}k0S00000-Nqg00000eW0f0000000j0ir0Q[vk0cD0_00000h000000n0;u[_0a0n0u}0000000g0|[k0QW0_0jSf0 s0}j0㉬0fD0_000000o0 |_0000000000h0|Tv00</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B> il^n0zzb_b</B> : ZX00, 1985, 'YfX, A5-380pp. 8,200yen. <BR> e BfNk0J0Q00 00000000000o0X00h0Y00 00000^n0b_bSh0]0n0̀of0֊X000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>STONES OF EMPIRE, The Buildings of British India</B> : Jan Morris, 1983, Oxford University Press, paperback ed. 1994, Penguin Books, London, A5-210pp. import 1,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>sYAm\O[n0000e000L0 000k0kU00_0'Y^Vn0^{z#u0*m000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE BUNGALOW, the Production of a Global Culture</B>* : Anthony D. King, 1984, Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, B5-400pp. antique 3,300yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000n000000Wen0l[ 00000 00h0k0W0_0 BfNn0OO[b__o000000h0|Tp0000F0k0j000NLuT0Wk0^~0c0_00 ]0n0wnh0zvU\b_0tkSvk0c0, Ypen00000VHr0mH000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>RESORTS OF THE RAJ, Hill Stations of India</B>* : Vikram Bhatt, 1998, A4-190pp. Grantha Corporation, Middletown, import 6,700yen. <BR> e <font size=2>Vk000000/eMn0z#uh0W0f0n0 000000000 ؚSn0f0W h0]0n0^{0Y000 Vbo0\j0D0L0 Wk000Yϑn0000Qwh0SV0 [000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HILL STATIONS OF INDIA</B> : Gillian Wright, 1991, Odyssey, Hong Kong, A5-290pp. 1,550yen. <BR> e <font size=2>BfNn0000T0Wk0\O00_0, 00e000000 ؚSn0f0W n0HhQf0 000QwYpe0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>SPLENDOURS OF THE RAJ, British Architecture in India</B>* 1660- 1947 : Philip Davies, 1985, John Murray, paperback ed. 1987, Penguin Books, B5-270pp. import 3,300yen. <BR> e <font size=2>BfNn0000k0J0Q00 m^{n0tkS0 }vҞQwYpe0 ]+gk0;Nj0^{[n00000d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>SPLENDOURS OF IMPERIAL INDEIA</B> : Andreas Volwahsen, 2004, Prestel, Munich, Ber-lin, London, New York, 30cm-300pp. 8,400yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000000k000 MRVn0000000n0^{n0YY}g00Vq}l Nn000000^{hQ,0qbD00J[j0000Qw0mH00h0h00k0 S_Bfn0Qw0u}0S2Y000 VbL0\j00j0n0L0㖹p0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>IMPERIAL DELHI</B>, Andreas Volwahsen, 2002, Prestel, Minich, Berlin, London, New York, 30cm-300pp. import 7,600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>K0d0f0 "LIVING ARCHITECTURE" 0000n0000}0WF{W0_0 0000000L00000000n0-h0^-n0L}N0s0}k02W0_0j,g0 000Qwh0Vb000000YpeS2Y000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>EUROPEAN ARCHITECTURE IN INDIA 1750- 1850</B> : Sten Nilsson, 1968, Faber and Faber, London, B5-310pp. antique 6,750yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000Vk00c0f0000k0^f000_0 Rg m^{n0xvz0 0000Qw 95I0</font><BR><BR> <CENTER> <A href="xnilsson.htm"><IMG src="nilsso.jpg" alt="European Architecture in India" border="1"></A></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ARCHITECTURE IN VICTORIAN AND EDWARDIAN INDIA</B> : Christopher W. London (ed.), 1994, Marg Publications, Bombay, 33cm-150pp. 3,600yen. import 7,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000k0J0Q00 m^{k0d0D0f0 9Nn0xvzn0֊e0S00Ypen0VHr0mH000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>AN IMPERIAL VISION, Indian Architecture and Britain's Raj</B> : Thomas R. Metcalf, 1989, Faber and Faber, London, B5-300pp. 1,600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>'Y^VL00000q}lY00N zg0\Oc0f0D0c0_0^{n00000h0 ?elh0n0O0cBlW0_0f0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE TRADITION OF INDIAN ARCHITECTURE</B>* : G.H.R. Tillotson, 1989, Yale University Press, New Haven and London, B5-170pp. import 4,400yen. <BR> e <font size=2>яN000k0J0Q00 m^{n0q_h0 Oq}vj00000h0n0vKQ0cO00 VHrYpe0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE INDIAN METROPOLIS, A View Toward the West</B>* : Norma Evenson, 1989, Yale University Press, New Haven, London, B5-290pp. 2,500yen. import 12,700yen. <BR> e <font size=2>BfNk0b_bU00_0000n0 4'Y^ 0000000000000000000000 n0^;uh0^{n0U\0sN~0g0_0i0c0f00qgefn0mTk0d0D0f0[Y000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE INDIAN STYLE</B> : Raymond Head, 1986, George Allen &amp; Unwin, London, B5-210pp. antique 3,750yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000^{k0J0Q00 mn0q_k0Y00,go0peYO0QHrU00f0D00L0000000k0J0Q00000^{n0q_0֊X0_0,go0\j0D00 ,gfo0 ]0n0pe\j0D0 1Q0</font><BR><BR> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#608797" width=580 height=45 align="center"><font face="Book Antiqua" color="#FFFFFF" size=4>MODERN HISTORY</font></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000e00000sNS</B> : Kq\ΐ, 1967, \lef, 230pp. <BR> e BfNn0rzKR000000h0n0Rrz0^ TvYNn0000BfN0cO00</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000rzS</B> : h,gTĖ, 1972, -NlQef, 210pp. <BR> e Vqg000O>yk000000Oeun0R0K00 1947t^n0000rz~0g00cO00</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000Vl͎</B> 0F0Nd0n0*Ys^ m&bN : 8Nq\YĖ, 1985, \lef, 210pp. </font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000rz</B> IQn0-Nn000000e000 : w]fP[, 1989, gee^>y, B6-290pp. 1,800yen. <BR> e ,{ 2!k'Y&bgk0J0Q00rzKRh0 epSOn0xvz0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000leKRS</B> 00000h00000 il0W/eM : q\0uKf, 1980, Ye>y0tkSef 0qg mS-B4. 0, 260pp. 1,000yen. </font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>SO</B>00000<B>SO</B>000 ;NLun0 TW 63.= : Kq\ΐ3, 1967, eHr, -N.YlQ֊>y, B6-540pp. 1,340yen. -NlQe^Hr 0000 1983, 430pp. 660yen. </font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000000 SO</B> wtx0h0яe0O0U0~0V0~0j0[ : M.K. 000000, 0u-NOeĖ3, 2000, 2vols, s^Q>y0qg me^ 671, 672, 430pp, 470pp. each 2,800yen. <BR> e 00000000S,gK003U00_0 0K0Q000F0j0 T30</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>wn0rzx0n0S</B> 000000000  M.K. 00000000u-NOeĖ3 2001 \le^ 180pp. 500yen. <BR> e WS0000g0000Nn0)j)Rn0_00k0;mRW0f0M0_000000L0 1908t^n0 40skn0h0M0k0fD0_00000rzx0n0[q}0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>GANDHI</B> : Impact India Foundation, B6-200pp. 1,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000n020</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000>yOh0eNYe</B> 0000000n0Nh0`` ;R4ltkShQf 3.= : q\]CQN, 1979, R4lf?b, B6-290pp. 2,200yen. <BR> e hLn0֊n0 <N{> h0W0f0 000006R^h0 NSUl6R - ]0n0i h0tkSc 0d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000n0L</B> ;SfesNn0000e0000 6.= : w0uO-f 1971, NwX, B6. </font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>sN000?elSxvz</B> : -NQgs^l, 1981, qgN'Yf[QHrO, A5-290pp. 3,800yen. <BR> e ,{ 1!kNLu'Y&b_0sN~0g0n0000S0 hTV0+T0f0֊X0_0 12}n0֊eƖ0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000sNS</B> rz 50t^0i e swn0YN[k000 sN000>yOn0tkSh00}}j0[0</font><BR><BR> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#608797" width=580 height=45 align="center"><font face="Book Antiqua" color="#FFFFFF" size=4>MODERN ART & ARCHITECTURE</font></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>A CONCISE HISTORY OF MODERN ARCHITECTURE IN INDIA</B> : Jon Lang, 2002, Permanent Black, Delhi, 24cm-210pp. 2,900yen. <BR> e <font size=2>20N}000n000000^{n0tkS00Vvj000000Mz0`0^{S[L0s0}k000 VHro0Y0y0f000000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>BUILDING BEYOND BORDERS, Story of Contemporary Indian Architecture</B> : Satish Grover, 1995, National Book Trust, New Delhi, 27cm-140pp. 1,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>^{S[n0000000000000L0cO00rz_n0000sN^{S0 000Qwn `0L00}L0`D0n0g0O0Y00g0H000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ARCHITECTURE</B> [India 50 Years of Independence : 1947-97 Status, Growth & Develop-ment 8.] : Samita Gupta and Kiran Kalamdani, 1998, B.R. Publishing, Delhi, 22cm-140pp. 1,150yen. <BR> e <font size=2>rz_JSN}n0000^{n0U\0 ^{S[h0^{[L0>yOvk0VgW00\eg0U\gY000 VHro0r^n0};un00g00Qwo0j0D00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>MODERNITY AND TRADITION, Contemporary Architecture in Pakistan</B> : Kamil Khan Mumtaz, 1999, Oxford University Press, Karachi, 25cm-150pp. 1,300yen. <BR> e <font size=2>K0d0f000000^{S0fD0_0^{[n00000L00sN00000^{0 00000^{n0Oq}h0n000n0j0K0g0RgY000 0000+T0Qw0 100gB0~00?ceQY00L00Hrh0pS7RL0iW0f00O0j0D00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ARCHITECTURE IN PAKISTAN</B>* : Kamil Khan Mumtaz, 1985, Concept Media, Singapore, 26cm-210pp. 2,200yen. import 4,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000n0^{[g0B00tkS[g0B00 0000k00000000^{S0 SNK00sN^{k00~0g0n0 0000n0h00_0h0Ypen0?cVk000S0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>0000n0u}k0d0D0f0</B> : S. 00000000bYT7u00uŖKN0\v9j3, 1988, ,{ Nef>y, A5-430pp. 5,400yen.00 0000V'Yf[Yeck000 0000u};u֊0</font><P> ->0<font size=2>R-19.00000iƖ 00000000 : !ngq[3, 1977, \le^</font><BR> ->0<font size=2>R-20.00000W\OƖ : q\[Y0Α[0h,gTĖ0bYT7u}, 1981^88, ,{ Nef>y</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>MODERN ARCHITECTURE IN INDIA, Post-Independence Perspective</B> : Sarbjit Bahga, Surinder Bahga, Yashinder Bahga, 1993, Galgotia Publishing, New Delhi, 22x28cm-280pp. 5,600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000rz_n0;Nj0^{\OT 98p0t^Nk09}NY000 -n0Q3o0 000n0^{[ 53Nh0 wmYn0^{[ 14N0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>CONTEMPORARY INDIAN ARCHITECTURE, Housing and Urban Development</B> : M.N. Joglekar, S. K. Das (eds.), 1995, Galgotia Publishing, New Delhi, 22x28cm-110pp. import 5,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>MRcfn0YY}g00YO0n0^{[L0SRW0_0 HUDCO OO[e^zvlQV k000 OO[0W;uh0^zvn0\OO0 } 40N9}NY000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>CHANDIGARH, the Making of an Indian City</B>* : Ravi Kalia, 1987, Southern Illinois Universy Press, rep. 1998, Oxford University Press, Delhi, 23cm-200pp. 1,100yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000000n0^b_bn0tkS00>yOf[vp0~0X0H0j0L00s0}k0֊X000 VHro0\j0D00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>GANDHINAGAR, Building National Identity in Postcolonial India</B>* : Ravi Kalia, 2005, Oxford Univrsity Press, New Delhi, 24.5cm-180pp. 2,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000000h000000000k0}D0f0000000]n0]00000000n0b_b0cD0_000000000k000eu000n0^- 3\On0gB}]0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>AFTER THE MASTERS, Contemporary Indian Architecture</B> : Vikram Bhatt and Peter Scriver, 1991, Univ. of Washington Pr., Mapin Publishing ,Ahmedabad, A4-220pp. 2,100yen. import 9,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000n0sN^{n09}Nf0 20Nn0Nhvj0^{[k000 52n0\OT0 J[j0000Qwg0!k9}NY000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>MODERN TRADITIONS, Contemporary Architecture in India</B> : Klaus-Peter Gast, 2007, Birkhauser, Basel, 28.5cm-130pp. 5,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>1990t^NMn0000n0sN^{0 11Nn0^{[n0 13\OTg09}NY00j0,g0 Wo0]0n0Qn0NNg00000n0^{[0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE AND CITY FORM, The South Asian Paradigm</B> : Farooq Ameen (ed.), 1997, Marg Publication, Mumbai, 33cm-120pp. 5,300yen. <BR> e <font size=2>WS000T0Wn0^{k0J0Q00 sN'`h00WWv0000000n0vKQk0d0D0f0 0YO0n0^{[0U֊[L0֊X000 0000S0000n0 1Qg0 000VHrYpe0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <B>A+U, India - Glocal Architecture</B> : <font size=2>^{h0^ No. 445, 2007t^12gyrƖS, 000000000, qgN, 29cm-134pp. 2,500yen. <BR> e000n0gяn0^{\OTn09}Nh0000n00000000000000000n0`0 </font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ARCHITECTURE FOR A CHANGING WORLD</B> : FISA - Fundacion Internacional de Sintesis, Arquitectonica, Seville, Spain and The Aga Khan Trust for Culture Geneva, Switzerland, 40 x 15cm-240pp. 1,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000WVn0^{k0NH000000000000ތn001980- 1995n0Sތ\OT0U\:yY00U\On0 V20|Qm0_0 000000n0\OTƖ0 000N'Yx0+T00sNn0^{\OT`0Q0g0j0O0 tkSv^ irn0OX[;mR0[ah0Y000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE BANGLADESH</B> : Shah Alam Zahiruddin, Abu H. Imamuddin and M. Mohiuddin Khan, 1990, Institute of Architects Bangladesh, Dhaka , B5-130pp. 2,100yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000000n0sN^{n09}Nf0 ,{ 1g000000Wen0^{vz#uh0̀of000 ,{ 2g0sNn0rl0^irn0.z%Rk0fY000 Qwn0o0ؚO0o0j0D0L0 } 150g0000g0 [0f0D000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>LE CORBUSIER, &#140;UVRE COMPL&Egrave;TE</B>, vol.5- 8 : W. Boesiger (ed.), 1961- 70, Editions Girsberger, Zurich, 24 x 29cm-T 200 - 240pp. <BR> e <font size=2>00000000h000000000k0-W0_0^h0^irn02L00000000hQƖn0_JS 4]g0t^Nk0sW0O00S0h0L0g0M000 e,gHr, T*ck3 : 1979, ADA Edita Tokyo, nfSHr T 7,800yen. </font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000e000</B> ^{n0NLu : 00000 B. 000000, 00000 G. 0e000, 1992, 00000xvz@b, 30.5cm-450pp. 8,500yen. <BR> e 00000000n0000L}U'Yf[ J00s0000n00000000;uL0sW0O02U00f0D000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>LAURIE BAKER, Life, Works & Writings</B> : Gautam Bhatia, 1991, Viking, New Delhi, paperback ed. 1994, Penguin Books, New Delhi, antique 3,900yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000Wek0[OOW00000n0Wk09hV0W0_00000bSk000lFn0_00n0^{0cBlW0_0N^{[0000000000 1917-0 n0UOh0\OT0\֊Ɩ0 0000n0Qwh00000Ype0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>BALKRISHNA DOSHI, An Architecture for India</B> : William J.R. Curtis, 1988, Grantha Corp., U.S.A.; Mapin Publishing, Ahmedabad, 22 x 28cm-190pp. 3,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0e000000n0_P[g0B00sN^{[ 0000000e000 1927 -0 n0\OTƖ0 яN;Nn0-Nk0000n0W@wvOq}0S fU0[00F0h0Y00cBln0̎0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>RETHINKING MODERNISM FOR THE DEVELOPING WORLD, The Complete Archi-tecture of Balkrishna Doshi</B> : James Steele, 1998, Whitney Library of Design, New York, paperback, 27 x 24cm-210pp. 3,400yen. <BR> e <font size=2>\OTƖ0|Qm0_0 00000000000֊0 ;N\OT0t^Nk0S0 NR0j0L000'kn0яN^{K00000n0Wk0iW0_0\Ox0n0 YN z0֊X000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>CHARLES CORREA</B> : Hasan-Uddin Khan, 1984, Revised ed. 1987, Concept Media, London, 27.5cm-180pp. import 10,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000n0Vvj0^{[ 00000e000 1930 -0 n0\OTƖ0 000n0'Y0Wk09he0D0_0sN^{n0uR 0BlY000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>CHARLES CORREA</B> : The Perennial Press, Bombey, 27cm-270pp. 4,300yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000000n0eW0D0j\OTƖ0 0000000000L0000֊0[[0f0D000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>RAJ REWAL</B> : Brian Brace Taylor, 1991, Concept Media, London, 27.5cm-160pp. import 13,300yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000n0sN^{[ 000e000 1934 -0 n0\OTƖ0 'Y!jj0^ir0'Yƀj0 b_g0}0h0[bU0[0d0d0B000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>DAWNING PLACE OF THE REMEMBRANCE OF GOD, The Baha'i House of Worship of the Indian Sub-continent</B>, New Delhi : 1987(?), Baha'i Publishing Trust, 27.5cm-50pp. 450yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000ʐYk0^d0000Yen0<P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>CONCEPTS AND RESPONSES, International Architectural Design Competition</B> for the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi : 1992, Mapin Publishing, Ahmedabad, 34cm-180pp. 4,500yen, import 13,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>Ee00000e000000_W0f0000000k0^-U00d0d0B00 'Y!jj0SS0000n0V-000 1986t^ n0_R\OTƖ0</font><P><BR> </TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <CENTER><A href="../bibl_eng.htm#contents"><font face="century gothic" size=2><B>BACK</A> &emsp; &emsp; &emsp; <A href="../j_north/nor_eng.htm">NEXT </B></A> <CENTER><TABLE><TD bgcolor="#776699" width=580 height=12></TD></TABLE></CENTER><BR> <CENTER><font color="#666677"size=2 face="Book Antiqua">&copy; Takeo Kamiya</font></font> <P><BR> </BODY> </HTML>